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Avatar meets Couples Counseling

Avatar meets Couples Counseling

No blue faces here.  Or running around in a jungle.  Imago's Avatar, Kara, sits patiently on your computer screen and asks you questions about your past.  Then Kara shows you how your emotional history might be affecting your relationship today. What's more Kara has a cute british accent.

This is the new face of relationship education, using advanced features of today's internet.  People love things which are interactive, so its a really fun way to expore some deep emotional issues.  If you want to know even more than Kara cares to share, there's some additional in-depth information to explain the psychology behind her insights.

Kara has been trained to offer her advice based on insights from Imago Couples Therapy, which was developed by best-selling author Harville Hendrix, PhD, and can be read about in his book "Getting The Love You Want". 

When I designed the game I was inspired by how amazed I was when I first came across Harville's work.  I had always steered well clear of Imago therapy, but now I realize how much great information there is.  I wanted Kara to be able to provide an intriguing look into how Imago can help all couples, not just those in big trouble.  It's like taking Imago for a test drive.

If you want to get to know Kara and hear what she has to say - she's waiting for you at Imago.


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