Propel Your Child To Greatness With A New Approach


Propel Your Child To Greatness With A New Approach
Help children to use their intensity successfully instead of having it go awry.

Traditional approaches often fall short of promoting the inner strength and inner wealth essential for children to build successful patterns of attainment and sustained positive relationships. With The Stands firmly rooted as the foundation of your interaction, there is no longer the juicy reward of more energy when rules are being broken. The child realizes that positive choices are what inspire connection, and they continue to make positive choices that propel them in life.

With the right approach, you can turn “difficult” or intense children around to an amazing level of success, despite the propensities, stressors, and symptomatology. With The Nurtured Heart Approach®, children can use their intensity in wonderful ways; instead of acting-out problems, they can act-out greatness – a much sweeter way of acting-out... exactly what parents and teachers have wanted all along.

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