5 Reasons Why Warnings Backfire


5 Reasons Why Warnings Backfire
Warnings may be the farthest thing from true compassion. Though almost always well-intentioned, warn

Begin to applaud your child’s wisdom, power, control, maturity, respect, and thoughtfulness for following the many rules she abides by each and every day. Appreciate your child for not breaking the rules, and you’ll quickly realize she knows the rules already. Move forward by setting limits and having a simple method of providing consequences, even small ones, when a rule is broken.

Be relentless with the positive – go for the gold – do radical appreciation! Avoid vague statements like “thank you” and “good job” and offer statements that truly convey your gratitude for your child’s greatness and for the good judgment and thoughtful choices that don’t break the rules. You’ll watch in awe as the need for warnings simply falls away.

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