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10 Ways to Create Parenting Miracles out of Molecules


10 Ways to Create Parenting Miracles out of Molecules
Making "Miracles from Molecules" instead of "Mountains from Molehills" is a parenting game-changer.

When I was a child, it seemed like every adult in my zip code had an uncanny skill for making a “mountain out of a molehill.” In other words, of taking the smallest shred of negativity and amplifying all the tyranny and rottenness that shred of negativity may have implied.

Before I go any further, let me give credit where credit is due. Exaggeration—the ability to weave a grand story out of next to nothing—is a very creative endeavor. It takes a keen eye, creative determination, and a lofty ability to wax poetic on all that is wrong.

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Our society is much less practiced at the art of seeing what is right. Our language of success is skimpy, too, which makes waxing poetic about the positive a daunting task.

In the realms of parenting and teaching, we have the list of words that are considered descriptors of praise: “good job,” “thank you,” “way to go,” “awesome,” etc. Unfortunately, these words are inherently vague. Walk up to a person and say “good job.” You’ll likely be met with a blank stare, as this person will have no idea to what you are referring.

When it comes to describing negativity, however, we are highly explicit and highly energized. We lean in, we say more, we are present and alive in the moment.

So then, if exaggeration truly is a talent, why not simply invert this skill— making it infinitely more powerful and inspiring—by applying it to the positive?

We call it: “Miracles out of Molecules.”

10 Ways to Create Miracles from Molecules

1. Think Creatively. Don’t wait to “catch your child being good,” but rather, be in charge of your choices and be willing to create moments of appreciation when your child is doing the right thing, even the smallest right thing.

2. Find the Positive Spin. You truly are the director and producer of each moment, and you can spin any scenario to reflect a good choice, and then express your appreciation with specific words and energy.

3. Notice & Acknowledge. Be willing to notice and acknowledge the success inherent in the constant stream of moments in the day when rules are not being broken. Express your gratitude freely.

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