Would The Girl You Are Dating Want To Date Herself?


Would The Girl You Are Dating Want To Date Herself?
If the girl you are dating answers no to this question, then think twice before you proceed forward

When meeting a new girl, you need to find out the kind of person she is. Seeing red flags or getting an uncomfortable gut feeling generally means you are dating someone that isn’t worthy of your time. You need to take things slow and find out how she views other people. If you get a girl that doesn’t give a shit about what people think of her, she may not care how she treats people. These are the girls you need to watch for and stay away from. Look for a nice girl that cares about what people think of her, tries to improve herself on a regular basis and always looks for ways to improve. These are the women who grow into amazing human beings and are the girls to whom you should think about making a long-term commitment.

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