Would The Girl You Are Dating Want To Date Herself?


Would The Girl You Are Dating Want To Date Herself?
If the girl you are dating answers no to this question, then think twice before you proceed forward

Reality check:  Would the girl you are dating want to date herself?

The scary thing is, most girls would not want to date themselves, because of their age, their immaturity, and wanting to play the field like men do. It is so hard being a woman trying to date, especially if living in a major city, having just relocated from a small town. This is the time when the super-slut comes out. It’s like being a kid in a candy store.

Women have diverse backgrounds that mold who they are in young adulthood. Many have not had a chance to figure out who they want to be later in life.

Dating The Divorcee

When dating a woman who is recently divorced, be prepared for anything. Most of these women are scorned, and some can be really pissed off at the world. These women are out for blood, and men are generally the ones they are ready to screw over. If you are dating a divorcee, never expect much from her except sex. She is generally looking to get screwed–literally. She is going to play games, lie about seeing other men and not take anything seriously. Sex is the reason men will hang out with divorcees and continue to see them, but it takes a divorcee a few years before she is able to get it together and start wanting a serious relationship.

Women Under 30

When you are dating a woman in her 20s, you never want to put pressure on her to be a wife or mother. These ladies need to find themselves and explore all of their options. Women in their 20s should be focused on finding a career path that will help them become financially secure. If you are dating a woman who doesn’t have a job, this is a HUGE red flag. You want a woman with self-respect. If she doesn’t have any, then it is time to move on, no matter how good the sex is. You will end up wasting your time and maybe even losing some money. You can date a woman in her 20s and watch her grow and prosper, but never lose focus on each other’s goals. Many couples that have been together for years started dating in their 20s. However, both parties allowed each other to grow and mature.

Figuring Out The Person You Are Dating

Unfortunately, there are some scandalous women out there with really bad intentions. These women are so good at being shady and fake that it can often be very hard to identify them until it is too late. These women would never date themselves, let alone be in the same room with them. These women will do not-so-nice things to the people they are dating because they are sociopaths. If you feel like the woman you are dating is a sociopath, you need to vanish from her evil clutches, because there is nothing good that can come from her. Society has helped these evil women realize that love is bullshit and they should use their sex appeal to get what they want. When you realize you are being manipulated, it is time to take what is left of your self-confidence and go.

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