What Are The Signs That A Woman Is Being Dishonest?


What Are The Signs That A Woman Is Being Dishonest?
The obvious answer; her lips are moving.

Dishonesty Indicator No 3; You have been told.

You have seen it with your own eyes. What more evidence do you need? Lets face it, for most people who focus on dishonesty they have a good reason, often times it is themselves that are at fault and hope to deflect some guilt onto the other party somehow then validating their own poor choices, at least in part to themselves. Signs to look out for however by no means all inclusive are; regular unexpected outbursts of anger, inability to sit and look you in the eyes whilst talking intimately, wild accusations that border on the irrational, covert and suspicious behavior, new underwear and you only see it in the drawer, your other half’s sudden plans with girlfriends you hardly see or know especially if they involve overnight stays, your own personal sense of unease and things not being ‘right. If you have a ‘bad one’ let them go, easily and effortlessly as trying to make sense of situations that make no sense will only add stress, duress and loads of future mess to your own life and others.


Rather than looking for signs of dishonesty instead develop your own ability to have ‘honest and open communications’ and this allows another to follow suit even when they may risk your trust. Given that most men would rather have their teeth pulled without Novocaine than sit and have open dialogue, consider it an investment that will expand exponentially and pay the greatest of dividends. Learn to develop genuine connection, meaning looking into the eyes of your lover (not just all the other good bits) and taking some time and being truly present. The first bonus is her needs will be met, the second bonus is if at any time the relationship does start to take a dive you will be well aware before the seeds of dishonesty are planted and able to address issues as they arise.

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