Is Sexual Chemistry Important With Your Dream Guy?


Is Sexual Chemistry Important With Your Dream Guy?

Sex plays a crucial role in whether or not a woman will consider the relationship a success, but it does not have to be the only thing. When you have sex you open yourself up to becoming blinded to the nuances or flaws of your partner. When a woman is looking for a relationship and finally opens up to you to have sex, it is because she feels close to you. Secure, even. You have to make her feel comfortable, so that it will be easier for her to express who she truly is sexually. Once you start having sex, things will really begin to connect. You will connect with that other person on a different level, and if there is chemistry you will express yourself like you never have before. You will embark on a mission to become more emotionally attached, which will in turn foster an intimate relationship. It will become much easier to let the person know what it is that you want to have happen in the bedroom. For example: “I want you to do _____,” or “I really like it when you_____.”

So far, the things I have noted pertain to women seeking out a relationship. But sometimes, you may come across a woman who is only looking to get laid, and even in that case, there has to be something about you that made her choose you from among the crowd. Was it your conversation, physical appearance, smile, etc.? Something about you attracted her… chemistry. So is sexual chemistry important to a woman when choosing the man of her dreams? Yes. No doubt about it. But would a woman sleep with a man just for fun? Yes. But even then, a little chemistry would have had to be there. Sex is what you make it. If you have a woman who is comfortable enough with you to be able to let you know what she wants sexually, and if you are open to it, then the sexual chemistry will be solid. Sexual chemistry is not just going with the flow; it’s getting to know the person inside and out and wanting to ensure that that person gets pleased no matter what. As long as your mate is pleased and feeling appreciated, you can bet that your sexual chemistry will go through the roof. A woman is willing to work with any man if she likes or loves him enough. As long as you are open to trying things or are willing to fulfill her desires, I am sure that whatever sexual flaw you may have will be overlooked. Everyone enters a relationship on his or her own level. But the trick is to grow together. If we are having sex daily and it is always the same, wouldn't that get boring? Of course it would. However, if I offered to try something that you had been wanting me to try, wouldn't that make things more interesting? Yes. That is all you have to do if you want the sexual chemistry to stay on point.  Listen to one another and change it up every so often. Be spontaneous.


Relationship Coach Michelle Q.

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This article was originally published at How To Get The Woman Of Your Dreams. Reprinted with permission.
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