How To Have Sex On The Beach Without Getting Caught?


How To Have Sex On The Beach Without Getting Caught?

The most memorable encounter was at the beach.  Now this can be a very risky place to get intimate with your partner due to the chance of being caught in the act by passersby and/or the police. But sometimes you just have to take a chance for the sake of saving your relationship, satisfying that urge to get it on and have fun. I was scared to death when my boyfriend and I were kissing each other passionately on the beach, both of us relaxed, lying on top of our Spider-Man towel, resting our heads individually on top of two more fresh-smelling, clean towels, sipping on mimosas. It was the perfect setting. The beach was a secluded one, we were there during a hot, sunny weekday afternoon and were able to see a few people in the near distance, so it was a great situation. We were enjoying the atmosphere; the crisp clean air; the warm sun against our flesh; and already feeling the effects of being a couple of lightweight drinkers. We started caressing each other lightly. From that, we moved on to taking our clothes off. When we realized we weren't in our bedroom, we got a bit paranoid for a minute. We’ve had sex on the beach before, but only after hours when it was too dark to do anything there besides taking a walk or being a bum. Besides, we weren't about to stop right in the middle. Suddenly, I had the brilliant idea of using the extra towels under our heads as blankets, so that whenever people passed by (and they did) we would be covered, pretending we were playing ticklish wars. At one point, a group of high school kids passed by. As soon as I heard them coming, I quickly stopped moaning, and we pretended I was extremely cold, yet tickling him and playing around. They weren't able to see my booty or the penetration taking full effect in my wet, bare vagina. No one walking by knew or saw what was happening, and no one saw our session of intense lovemaking. The towel idea worked like a charm, so much so that I had the best orgasm of my life. It literally made me scream! I most definitely recommend sex on the beach to anyone. It feels like you're in a movie or in magic land, and I guarantee your other half will have a blast, just plain letting loose.

Keep it simple, sexy, and get creative, and you'll see how much more you and your partner become intrigued.

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