How do You Expect to Keep the Woman of Your Dreams Through a Text


How do You Expect to Keep the Woman of Your Dreams Through a Text
G0 back to the basics,when first entering a relationship to find and keep the woman of your dreams.

There are a few occasions when texting is okay. Once a few dates have been established, and perhaps the woman of your dreams is running late, a text stating, "Running late, on the way" can be a quick way to correspond. Or, a check-in during the day saying, "Thinking of you" is a nice way to communicate. If you text a few messages throughout the day to each other, that is fine. However, when you have only been on a few dates, and you text all night long, where is the phone? You already have your phone right by you, how about just calling? Women have allowed men to do the texting thing, and it has let the communication walls fall down. In the beginning of a relationship, communication is one of the most important factors. If you have found yourself dating a texter, you need to let her know that you don't find communicating that way productive. Just be flat-out honest, because if you don't say something, the annoyance will build up to the point where you will just get angry. Also, if your woman doesn't change her ways, then you know she may be immature and not ready for a committed relationship.

One of the most important factors in building a strong relationship is communication. It is the key to helping a relationship get off the ground. If a woman cannot return a call or confirm a date to meet up and have dinner, then she is probably not ideal  woman for you to continue seeing. Also, when a woman can't call, but only texts, it generally means that she is dating someone or lives with someone. (CHEATING SIGNS: 7 MORE REASONS WHY A MAN WOULD NEVER KNOW A WOMAN CHEATED ! PART II) These are all warning signs that perhaps she is hiding someone else serious in her life. If you went to dinner with a nice lady and everything was respectable, then you can allow text messages from time to time, but do not let them become the major method of communication. Use the text messages as a quick method to set a date for a phone call or a location to meet. However, never hear about a person's life story through text messages, because that means there is a severe communication barrier out of the starting gate and chances are, your relationship will never stand a chance.

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