How do You Expect to Keep the Woman of Your Dreams Through a Text


How do You Expect to Keep the Woman of Your Dreams Through a Text
G0 back to the basics,when first entering a relationship to find and keep the woman of your dreams.

Don't Let Text Control Your Relationship

The wonderful world of technology has made texting a huge part of how people interact with each other. Many people will text all day long with anyone from friends and family, to people they are just getting to know. Texting for every single reason for communication doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. However, texting to get to know a person you are trying to date isn't going to get you the communication you need in order to build a long-lasting foundation. Texting can almost be a cop-out way to start a relationship, because it tells the person that he or she is not good enough for a phone call. Texting is generally letting a woman know that you will just end up a booty call. So ladies, here's some relationship advice for you when texting is the only form of communication. 



Once you meet someone online or you have given your number to a woman in a bar, naturally you are going to expect some type of communication through the phone. Most people would assume that a conversation will begin by the man calling the woman, but that isn't the case anymore. Men have gotten lazy and think that a few text messages mean a date or a booty call. Unfortunately, some women allow this! For instance, a friend of mine is attractive, smart and has a good job. She is always giving out her number to men; however, it is what happens next that always screws things up. Her phone will beep, and she will be very happy that Bob from the store remembered to be in touch. The text will read something like, "Hey girl, it's Bob! What's up?" Within a few texts, she gets invited to go back to his house, if he is not already at her house. Any grown adult is going to know that sex is expected, and the man is thinking that this lady is super easy. My friend feels bad, because she knows that sex is expected and so will have some form of sexual contact with the guy. Texting is not communication. Texting is for friends, or for couples that have been together for a long time and who already know each other. A quick check-in for dinner or to get something from the store, maybe, but not to build a relationship.

When is texting acceptable?

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