How Do You Bring The Freak Out In A Nice Conservative Lady?


How Do You Bring The Freak Out In A Nice Conservative Lady?
It's a thin line to walk but men love both, the Conservative 9-5 lady and the Freak in the bedroom!

Orally servicing your conservative lady can be one way to really get her to unload. You should always go really nicely and slowly when you are giving your lady oral sex. Always watch how rough you are on her clit and surrounding areas. One of our biggest complaints about oral sex is licking the clit too rough. You should think of oral sex similar to licking an ice cream cone. You want to go slow and easy. A great way to start warming your lady up is by licking her very nicely and gently in circular motions. During this time, you need to listen for her breathing if she isn’t vocal. Any changes in her breathing mean you are doing a good job. When you feel like she is warmed up, you need to slip a finger inside her. There are a few different things you can do when you have a finger in her vagina. You have the option to finger her, but you must not lose focus on the licking of the clit. Clit stimulation is so important. You also can insert another finger inside her and go as deep as you can. A huge sexual turn-on for women is the feeling of being “opened up.” Two fingers deep into her vagina while you are licking her clit can send your conservative lady to the moon! If you are feeling daring, you might just ask her if she likes it. When she knows that saying “yes” is okay and not slutty, she will let her guard down and know it is okay to let loose.

The fun thing about sex is there are so many different avenues you can go down. The most important thing to remember about getting your conservative lady to relax and let the freak out is realizing that this process isn’t going to happen overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is helping your lady break down her sexual boundaries. Starting small will make the approach easier, so she will not feel any pressure to get freaky. Show your lady that you love and respect her and everything will fall into place.


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