Do Models and Actresses Only Want To Date and Attract Rich Men?


Do Models and Actresses Only Want To Date and Attract Rich Men?
Is there only one type of man for a model or an actress?

Heartbroken and alone

What happens to these models and actresses when their career is over and they have been publicly humiliated? The very first emotion they are going to feel is bitterness to men. When a woman has been shit on really bad, she gets bitter and the walls go up like a ton of bricks. Dating is the last thing she is thinking about. She is just pissed off. A nice, normal guy with nothing but good intentions is going to have a hard time getting through to a woman like this, but there is hope. If you are a nice guy and you see this pretty, heartbroken babe, you need to think very smart about your approach, but also about what she is feeling. Her feelings and her heart are going to be fucking smashed, so delicate hands are going to be important. The main thing is not to approach her aggressively and whatever you do, say NOTHING sexual. Small talk is a good way to break the ice, but you should not even ask for a date. You might just ask for an email address or a Facebook page. Very small steps are better than asking for her number and a date. If you get an email or a social media page, you can start a random conversation. It will take a few weeks for her to open up and really start to chat with you, which is okay, because you are gaining that level of trust. When the topic of meeting up arises, you need it to be your best first date ever. I would not even recommend you call it a date, just hanging out. A super low-key spot is nice, or you might go with an afternoon movie. Nighttime dates tend to imply a nightcap, which means, “I took you out, now let's fuck,” so ask her if a 2 p.m. movie would work. She is going to realize that you are interested but respecting her boundaries.


Even if a girl is a supermodel or an actress, she still craves to be treated like a queen. Rich men don't always do that. The normal guy is the one left picking up the shattered pieces. Remember to stay cool, focused and move slowly in your approach to any woman in this predicament. When you finally get to hear her story, you will better understand her feelings.

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This article was originally published at How To Get The Woman of Your Dreams . Reprinted with permission.
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