Affidavit and Confession of an International Player


Affidavit and Confession of an International Player

Note: The principles in this article can be applied to both men and women, substituting the feminine for the masculine.

My failed relationships result from wanting too much. It’s my fault. All that most women really want is to be loved by one man who loves them. This is why many women fall in love with Jesus. They know he loves them and is not cheating.

When men realize that there is always going to be a new pretty face, we must learn to be content. Every new toy we try will eventually get old. There will always be a new hot model. (Ecclesiasticus 25: 28). We must not get caught up in the hype but appreciate and truly get to know and develop what we have. This is often easier to do when you are younger, in your teens or twenties, because you have fewer responsibilities and distractions and often no children. This is the time when you can truly get to know your partner before you start a family. When you get older, it often becomes more difficult because of life’s increased responsibilities, distractions and stresses. As men, we are always looking and get easily caught up in the glam and glitter presented by many women. We allow distractions such as makeup, sexy outfits, fake boobs and hair take us off course from a woman who truly loves us, only to later break her heart and the hearts of our children, family and friends.

To all women I have dated and to those who have truly loved me: I apologize for being stupid and immature. Please forgive me. (Learning the Art of Forgiveness is a Must to Attracting a Successful Relationship) The future success of any relationship starts with learning to be content and appreciative of the person who truly loves you, that woman who is standing in your corner. Ladies, as a side note, if you have been playing the field just as much as he has, you cannot take credit for being in his corner. That said, fellas, the best advice I can give you is to pick one woman and one relationship at a time and give it 100 percent effort and closure, before you move on to the next. It is difficult enough to get to know one woman, much less several, and if you truly desire a successful relationship, it will begin and end with complete honesty. The fewer complications you have in your personal life, the easier it will be to manage your relationship with the Woman of Your Dreams.

Being a player leads nowhere

Going even deeper, the truth of the matter is, each time we break a promise to anyone, we break a promise to God, therefore breaking a promise to ourselves. Psalms 82:6 states, “I have called you all Gods and sons of the Most High.”  Therefore, if we lie, cheat or deceive a woman, we are in fact attempting to lie and deceive our creator, and lying and deceiving ourselves of the truth that we are all a part of the same divine source. To hurt another is in fact to hurt God and consequently ourselves.

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