The ABC’s of Shopping With a Woman


The ABC’s of Shopping With a Woman
How to turn the woes of shopping with a lady into a fun and exciting experience.

Bottom line, if your girlfriend asks you to go shopping with her, know that she’s really hoping that you’ll say “Yes!” and that you’ll both have a good time together. She’s not out to torture you or see how much makeup she can try on you before you run screaming from the cosmetics counter. She’s aware that some things are probably better accomplished alone or with a close female friend rather than you. So don’t go thinking this is going to be a horrible experience or some kind of test of your “true love” for her. She just wants a little company while she does the deed.

Remember that usually a day of shopping involves some kind of break, which usually involves food. Even the pros need to replenish and refuel in order to go the distance! A great salad or a yummy, well-deserved steak dinner might await you if you play your cards right and offer up some insightful comments, showing that you’re game to be part of what makes her happy.

If you want a woman to hang out with you for Monday Night Football, watch the playoffs or listen to old one-hit wonders from the ‘70s, it’s only fair that you give a little of your time to something that she enjoys doing–-and that’s shopping.

In love, you will find the word “compromise” mentioned often. Even if you find that you gag at the mention of Forever Thirty something-or-other, try to squelch that disgust and take on the attitude of being adventurous and trying something new for someone else. Have you ever been deep-sea fishing in a lake? Well, maybe not, but just try to be constructive without being harsh, observant without being negative and helpful without being pushy.

If all else fails, and you find that your attention to details such as “halter top or strapless?” waning, ask to be excused for a moment, take a brief walk, get some air in your lungs and come back with a refreshed, interested and positive attitude.

And don’t forget that most women don’t only love to shop for themselves, but also for the guy they’re hot over! So don’t be surprised if you score in more ways than one on the “keeper meter” by putting in a little shopping time with your honey. We love nothing more than seeing our guy looking haute and fashionable with the latest duds that we actually helped pick out.  All is not lost, my friend! You can have a great time, too, trying on some cool new blazers or mad shoes. Who knows? She might start a passion of your own…skinny jeans, anyone?

In closing, shopping is a necessity to living. The sooner you stop having an aversion to it, the better your casual encounters with your girlfriend at your local mall will be. Take the time to listen to what she’s there for, how long she’s dedicating to it and what she’d like from you. It’s that simple. Share in the things she likes to do and she will return the favor.


The best time you can have is when your partner is in a great mood, so help both of you out by staying positive about the experience and interested in the outcome. Everyone likes to be heard and acknowledged, even if it is simply by affirming what they already know.

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