The ABC’s of Shopping With a Woman


The ABC’s of Shopping With a Woman
How to turn the woes of shopping with a lady into a fun and exciting experience.

So, your new girlfriend has asked you to go shopping with her. First, you panic. No, she doesn’t necessarily mean for you to buy everything she tries on. She might simply want your company during what most girls consider a wonderful way to pass the time.

When a woman asks you to accompany her shopping, it would be a good idea to clarify what kind of shopping she’s interested in doing, e.g., shopping for a specific event, shopping for sale items, shopping for a gift, shopping because it’s Tuesday or simply window shopping– this, of course, means she just wants to wander around and do some “possibility” shopping.

It’s very important to ascertain why she’d like you to go with her. Does she just want a second opinion on how things look on her?  Does she want to see whether they flatter her, whether you like them on her, etc.? Or she might want you to join her to see just how creative you can be with your positive comments or your clever critiques. If she only wants a “yes man” with her to affirm how good she looks, it can get old really quickly for you, so let’s assume that’s not why she’s suggested an afternoon at Barneys. If she really is looking to see what you find attractive on her (Victoria’s Secret is in almost every shopping venue!), give her the attention she’s seeking and try your best to be “present” during the shopping experience.


Nothing is more upsetting to a woman than being lost in search of the perfect bikini, then looking over to see her man sitting bored to death on the nearest chair within walking distance, staring into space, drooling!  If you said you’d go with her, then be with her! Get into it! If she’s searching for the right shade of blue denim to go with some new platforms she picked up, then assist her by focusing on the task at hand. Show her that you want to solve the same puzzle. She’ll appreciate that you’re actually showing some interest and intent by giving her some options to try. You should be flattered that she cares about your input enough to ask you to join her. Now show her you care and appreciate her wanting to look good for you and give her some honest attention to detail– “Are those a pair of 7 for All Mankind jeans on the sale rack?!”

You will score big points for having a good attitude, finding something to contribute and showing that you’re not anxiously awaiting anything to disengage from the drudgery of locating all the taupe-colored sleeveless tees in size M, or was that L?!

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For many men, shopping is just a necessity. Shopping is something to be done when they need something in particular. For many women, shopping is a form of entertainment and enjoyment. We enjoy pretending and imagining where we might wear that gaudy, beaded turquoise hula skirt. We like to play “fashion show” and try on items that are probably never going to go home with us. As they say, “It can’t hurt to look!” Or is it,


“You’ll go blind if you don’t stop?”

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