7 Reasons Why Mothers Train Their Daughters To Be Gold-Diggers


7 Reasons Why Mothers Train Their Daughters To Be Gold-Diggers
Part I

5. Completely poverty-stricken homes are more likely to have a pretty daughter the parents know will be able to land a rich guy. The entire family will push for the daughter to try harder. How many families of CEOs or billionaires care how much money their son-in-law has? A totally broke family is going to see a pretty daughter and know if she is groomed and trained just right, she will help the family.

6. Family competition is the worst. My family is already very competitive, so when I told my family I was dating a lawyer, it became the talk. When a family is very concerned about who is doing what, marrying a rich man is a huge bonus.


7. Retirement: the worst reason of all. I have heard several mothers say they hope their daughters can afford to take care of them when they are old. A struggling family can't take care of sick ol’ Mom, but a rich one can.

Men are going to have to wise up to the rhyme and reason of women’s behavior. Any man that has money needs to be prepared for all kinds of women to come his way. The best thing for a rich man is to try to make his wallet not appear so big.

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