6 DatingTips The Young Man who is Dating A Cougar Need to Know


6 DatingTips The Young Man who is Dating A Cougar Need to Know

5 Never, even for a moment, assume that you do your older girlfriend a favor.

Yes, we certainly appreciate you being young and handsome, but this just cannot be your only merit. You should definitely bring more to this relationship than your youth, otherwise this will never work out. We still want to be taken care of, pampered, spoiled and loved! And trust us, we’ll be taking good care of you, too!


6 We are not your mothers!

Please don’t come into this relationship with the hope of being completely taken care of emotionally and financially. We are sorry if you don’t get along with your mom or are still immature and undecided on your future plans. We want to be with a man, not a baby, no matter how young you are. We will help you and console you if you don’t have a job temporarily, but don’t hope for an eternal free ride. Hey, you are a man. Isn’t it kind of emasculating to be with a “sugar mama,” anyway?

So, you like this girl who is a bit older than you? Great! Don’t be afraid. Try and build that relationship. If nothing else, you will live through an invaluable experience of dealing with someone with a lot of confidence and wisdom, and this is a great thing for you, as a young man, to learn.

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