5 Reasons A Woman Will Give You Her Number But Not Call...


5 Reasons A Woman Will Give You Her Number But Not Call...
There is nothing more frustrating than meeting a woman who does not answer a call.

Then there is the good old-fashioned girl who cant say no to anyone, let alone a guy who approaches her and asks for her number. Throughout history, women have been raised to be polite and please everyone, no matter the cost. Sometimes, this cost is a guy who went out of his way to talk to and/ or impress a woman who is too nice. She will giggle at your jokes, listen to your story about how you decided to change your job and now are unemployed and, of course, accept your free drinks. She will do all of this while knowing she isn’t interested, but she just doesn’t know how to tell you. She will continue with this farce maybe once or twice but is ultimately hoping you will get the hint when she doesn’t return your phone calls.

4. She met someone else.


There is also the "grass is greener" scenario. You may meet a woman and hit it off nicely. Everything is going smoothly as silk, and you feel on top of the world. Then a few days go by with no return call, and you start to wonder why. Well, you see, later that day, she met another guy who gaver her butterflies, and just like that you are gone from her mind. She no longer remembers that joke you told that made her laugh so hard she cried, or that flower you picked as you were walking together. She is now obsessed with the dude she met at the Laundromat the day after your encounter. When she gets your phone call and remembers you exist, she decides it is better to just let it go and not return your call.

5. She Googled you.

Last but not least is research. Women are very detail-oriented and when it comes to relationships, become the best detectives and lawyers around. You two may have had an awesome conversation and felt filled with joy to have met, but then she goes home, at which point Google and Facebook are your worst enemies. She searches your name, your job, your page and your pictures, then she judges you. Who are you friends with? Do you drink too much? Do you post bad jokes that are offensive to women? These are all things a woman is looking at in order to figure out if you are really the guy she just met. If it turns out you are not the guy she thought, she won’t return your call. She will judge you, and possibly misjudge you, but nonetheless, you will not be hearing from her.

So, gentlemen, don’t always blame yourself for why women don’t return your call. She may have met someone else, she may not be strong enough

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