10 Ways to Test a Woman to See if She’s Interested in Dating You


10 Ways to Test a Woman to See if She’s Interested in Dating You

6 Mention another woman. Be careful with this one. You don’t want to give off the idea that you’re trying to make her jealous. However, you’re letting her know in a subtle way that other women are interested. You might say something like “Me and my girl Nina are going go watch the game at Buffalo Wild Wings.”  If she doesn’t reply with some follow-up questions to find out who this chick is and the status of your relationship, she isn’t interested. The only time a woman doesn’t care about other women in your life is when she has no desire to be with you herself.

7 Find out if her friends know about you. You can say something like, “So, what did your friends say when you told them about me?” Guys, you can safely assume that if a woman is interested in you, her friends know about it. If you haven’t been brought up, you don’t really exist.


8 Pay attention to her body language when you are out together. If she smiles, laughs, flirts and easily engages in conversation, chances are she’s interested. If she’s comfortable with you holding her hand or putting your arm around her, she’s interested. If she’s tense, distracted, guarded or flat, she probably just didn’t have anything better to do at that time.

9 Tell her you might have to cancel or make changes to a date you’ve scheduled. If she’s interested, she will show genuine disappointment or concern. If she seems unbothered, chances are she wasn’t excited about going out with you in the first place. If she’s interested, she’ll likely be willing to adjust the plans so that she can see you. If not, she may simply take it as an opportunity to get out of the date.

10 Invite her to an event or activity you’re involved in, such as your weekend flag football game. If she’s interested, she will show up and likely be enthusiastic about it…even if she’s not interested in it herself. If not, she won’t waste her time. A woman who’s interested in you will love that you’re involving her in something you enjoy.

Keep in mind, guys, that there are always extenuating circumstances such as busy lives, crises and stress. However, if a woman likes you, she will at least be willing to communicate with you and do things so that you know that she is interested, even if she isn’t always available. Under normal circumstances, this list is a great way to find out if the woman you like actually likes you, too.  If she doesn’t, don’t take it too hard. Simply find a lady worth the time and energy you’re willing to spend. Best of luck!

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