Why Katie Holmes Filed For Divorce From Tom Cruise


Why Katie Holmes Filed For Divorce From Tom Cruise [EXPERT]
Check out these two theories about why the couple who had everything called it quits.

If you want honesty in a relationship, you have to set an example, no matter what your partner does. It is very simple. Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you. Just be upfront and honest.

The best way to get revenge is by setting a good example. Leaving a bad taste in his mouth is the last thing you want to do, especially when the world is watching. Otherwise, it shows a lack of class and maturity.

2. Katie fell for fame. The second answer could be that Katie was blinded by Tom's stardom and her own desire for fame and fortune. It is pretty awesome and very tempting to be chosen by one of the world's most eligible bachelors and biggest box office stars, especially when you dream of being a star yourself. Tom could have chosen any woman on planet Earth. So, we can see how Tom's proposal could have totally blindsided an unsuspecting and naive Katie.

But, there is nothing in life like reality. Once the dust settled, Katie could have realized that she was swept up in the idea of being Tom Cruise's wife. Women Have The Power To Help Better Men

The most amazing part is that Tom and Katie have all the money they could ever ask for but do not have happiness. So what is the lesson here? Money cannot buy happiness. What are the ingredients to true happiness? Trust is one. Honesty, commitment, remorse, love and forgiveness are the others. If you do not have these core ingredients in any relationship, you have nothing.

Money will not be able to save you. It may save your image or the embarrassment resulting from the truth, but neither money nor fame can ever make another person love you. Only you and what lives inside of you can do that.

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