What Is The Proper Role Of A Man In A Relationship?


What Is The Proper Role Of A Man In A Relationship?

Well, that depends on whether he is a strong man or weak man. Technically, the man is supposed to be the head of the household; however, in today's world, women work just as hard as men, so the traditional roles are often blurred. Nowadays women make just as much money. I know what you’re thinking; of course, not all women make as much as men, but the point is that they can, and many do. Many women are working 40-plus hours a week, just as men do. I know that women in general, according to statistics, are paid less for performing the same job. Why is that? I do not agree with this pay difference, and I will leave that particular question for another day because it is outside the scope of this article. The point I am making is that traditional roles, such as women raising the kids and keeping the home, are almost ancient ideas. (Should Women Be Barefoot, Pregnant & In the Kitchen)

A man's true role is to take care of and protect the family. A woman's true role is to have children and keep the home environment suitable for the upbringing of offspring who will become productive members of society.


We suffer as a community and as a country because many women no longer appreciate or want the role of mothers/homemakers. But keep in mind that men cannot have children, and this very important task was especially designed for women to bear. I know what you’re thinking: that men should step up to the plate and take care of the home and make women happy--as spoken so eloquently by Ms. Jacquelyn. She states that according to the Bible, men are supposed to love their wives, take care of them and make them happy. How would she know? Ms. Jacquelyn has never been married. She is going off false assumptions, what she hears people say as opposed to experiencing it herself. “This is the way its supposed to be,” she says, but it’s different when you’re in it.

Jacquelyn’s response is typical. How is a man supposed to make you happy? This is often one of the biggest misconceptions I hear from women: “He is not making me happy." Guess what? It’s not his job to make you happy. Also, according to God’s word, women are supposed to be submissive to their husbands and are not supposed to be sleeping around with every Tom, Dick and Harry just because society allows it. Women are unhappy and look to their men to create their happiness, because they are confused. It's exactly what happens when you have sex before marriage and with men you are not married to. (Whatever Happened To The Concept of the Virgin and Waiting To Have Sex Until You Get Married?) Women’s bodies may be able to take on multiple men, but their hearts cannot handle it.

This article was originally published at How To Get The Man of Your Dreams . Reprinted with permission.
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