What Men Really Think About You in the Club


What Men Really Think About You in the Club
Men will consider sleeping with the trashy looking girl, but will never bring her home to mama.

Now, you know and we know that flirtatious behavior and revealing clothing do not mean a woman is easy, but men WILL read you that way based on your presentation and actions. It’s pretty safe to say that the second type of guy will approach her in the club. The first type of guy will look, but will probably have her figured out. If he does approach her, it will be with the same attitude of “if it happens, great, if not, then no big deal”. The universal way of thinking, though, will be as stated earlier. We’ll look at her like she’s the one to try to bed the same night…or soon after. She’s not the one, for the most part, that any man will be thinking of forming a lasting relationship with.

The woman who shows up to the club, looking good (sexy without all of her assets hanging out), smelling good, and carrying herself with respect gives off a different presence all together. She will stand out no matter where she is. And men, even in the midst of a club, will take notice.


She’s the one who doesn’t have to be the center of attention. She’s the one who doesn’t have to be three sips from drunk to have a good time. She’s the one who doesn’t need twenty guys drooling over her to know she looks good. Ah yes, this woman will definitely get attention. And she’ll get it from both types of guys. But here’s the difference.

A woman who carries herself in this fashion is a powerful lady. She not only understands how important it is to display self-respect, but she also demands others to respect her as well. Yes, she’ll be approached by just as many men as her clueless counterpart, but she’ll be mentally more prepared to handle them. She’ll be able to separate the idiots from the man or men that she MAY give a chance to get to know her. (Need tips on identifying these men? Talk to our Relationship Coaches for guidance.) Like we said, men are reactionary. If you carry yourself with class, the good guys will treat you as such, no matter where they meet you. It’s all dependent on what type of attention YOU’RE trying to get.

Remember, class and self-respect can work anywhere, be it the library, the grocery store, online, or even in the club. You make a man respect you, and he has no choice but to. And those idiots who still come at you sideways won’t stand a chance anyway.

- Relationship Coach Paul V. and Jason B.  


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