What Does it Mean Sexually When a Woman is Seen as Hysterical

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Hysteria represents women being chemically imbalanced, or to put it simply, a lack of sex.

Hysteria represents women being chemically imbalanced, or to put it simply, a lack of sex.

A hysterical woman is clearly sexually starved.  She has probably not seen or heard from “Dick” in weeks, months or even, painfully, years.  She is chemically imbalanced and her hormones are often going crazy.  She knows something is wrong. She is irritable and irritates everyone around her.  She does not want to admit the problem because she is too embarrassed, submerging herself into her girlfriends’ and daughters’ relationships, or just flat-out ignores the problem and blocks it out of her mind, driving herself and everybody else around her crazy.

A hysterical woman either needs to see “Dick” or a dildo right away to bring her hormones back into balance. The common sign of a hysterical woman is one who starts acting out of character.  As men, we say it all the time when we see a woman, especially in an authority position, yelling, screaming or just acting crazy.

The first thought that comes to a man’s mind is that the woman needs some sexual attention, and how naturally right for this we unknowingly are.  If she were getting sexual attention at home, how could any woman come to work angry or frustrated?   Imagine: You just had a cosmic orgasm.

Your hormones are in balance, you rush to take a shower and put your clothes on, your heart is racing, you get the kids to school, and perhaps you’re a little late for work.  You walk into your job with a big ol’ smile and everybody in the office knows you must have just gotten some. Boy, is everybody happy.  Unknowingly, you had just been nominated the Bitch of the Month, and I had been about to volunteer for some overtime duty by inviting you into the nearest break room for a service call.  If you are the boss and your attitude is bitchy, it really brings down everyone else’s day.

Service calls are mandatory for your emotional and chemical balance. Every person needs to be touched in a loving way.  Every woman needs to have an orgasm on a regular basis, or else your hysteria is going to drive everybody you come into contact with crazy, including you.  How right men naturally are, when we make the assumptive guess.
I can only imagine that after being married for 10 years, doing the same old positions can get quite boring, especially for men.  You have to constantly reinvent yourself, or your sex life will eventually come to a screeching halt.  This is the most vulnerable time when men cheat [http://www.howtogetthemanofyourdreams.com/understanding-men]   Often for men, a new sexual partner helps keep the sex exciting at home. 

A man temporarily forgets the monotony of it all.  I have a friend who only has sex with her husband twice a year [http://www.howtogetthemanofyourdreams.com/category/sex]  Geez, who does that?  How do you determine which two days it’s going to be?  What’s even more strange is that she is a very attractive, energetic, successful woman, and having previously dated her, I know she is a decent lover; not the best but not the worst [http://www.howtogetthemanofyourdreams.com/sex/all-vaginas-are-not-pleasing-to-the-male-species-as-assumed]. 

I often suggest to her that maybe her man is on the down-low and really likes men. She gets a little upset with this question but firmly believes that he is not gay and not cheating.  But sex twice a year for eight years of marriage is unfair, brutal and bound to cause a woman to get frustrated to the point where her eyes are ready to pop out of her head.  Thus, the word “horny” sounds more like “help me.”  Those batteries get really expensive.

Hysteria Facts

“Hysterical,” according to the America Heritage Dictionary, is 1. Marked by or due to hysteria.  “Hysteria” is defined as 2. Excessive or uncontrollable emotion, such as fear or panic [from Greek Hustera, womb].
In the old days when a woman was diagnosed with the symptoms of being hysterical, she was sent to the gynecologist, where he took his dildo and assisted the patient in having an orgasm to get rid of her hysteria or chemical imbalance.  Sounds like hard work, doc:  “Miss Palmer, all done. Please see the receptionist on the way out.”

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