What Do You Do If You Have Occasional Great Sex, But...


What Do You Do If You Have Occasional Great Sex, But...
What To do If Your Man Can Only Ejaculate While Watching Porn Videos?

But your goal is to obviously get what you want: more sex and more communication. So let’s stay focused. We are sure that you are asking yourself the big question: “Why would my man not want to communicate with me about his inability to perform sexually in the bedroom?” The huge reason that most men choose to remain silent is to avoid conflict. We also know that most women do not want to hear anything different than the traditional “Boy meets girl, boy marries girl, boy and girl have 2.5 kids and live happily ever after, the end." Every man with any intelligence knows this is all that a woman truly wants to hear. Everything else is irrelevant. Men also instinctively know that how we feel naturally is in conflict with the natural pull of women to be with just one man. The average man is scared to death to tell his woman the truth if it is contrary to her beliefs and desires.

Age does matter


There is an old saying: “Patience is a virtue." Dealing with male issues, you will soon learn what this means. Be patient with your man, stay focused on your goal and realize a lot of men need to grow up. And through experience, they eventually  will.

How do you get your man’s attention without pestering him for more sex?

Your man loves you like wifey, but the wifey role can be quite boring. So how do you keep him excited about you and away from the porn videos? How do you keep him only humping on you? Can you be the wifey and allow him to have additional sex partners? I know that’s one hell of a question. But before you go there, be honest with yourself about your sexual needs. Let’s send a message to your man to give you more hot sex, without you ever having to say a word. There’s something very sexy about a lady that never complains, but still finds a way to get what she wants. Obviously, if you are reading this article, we are speaking about you.

Using Mr. Dildo can send a clear message to your man without insulting him or having a long, drawn- out conversation about not having enough sex, which is boring. Here’s the strategy: Conveniently use your dildo every time your man comes home. Be extra excited to the point where it is noticeable. Remember that acting class you took? Timing, of course is everything, so once he enters the house, it’s a go. Go into the bathroom and close the door, so that he hears you having all this fun and starts knocking. “Honey, you okay in there by yourself?" Of course, you can barely respond because you and Mr. Dildo are going at it. You say, out of breath, “I‘m okay, honey… be right out...you hungry?" Mr. Dildo is your new best friend, so dress him up in a shirt and tie and set him up properly on your dresser with a little note that says, ”I will be back later for more." There is talking and there is pure action. A dildo represents the action you desire from your man, without a long conversation.

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Relationship Coach Stevey B.

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