What Tattoos Really Say About A Woman


What Tattoos Really Say About A Woman [EXPERT]
Tattoos can clue you in on what a woman is really like.

It is always nice to know a woman who likes to keep good memories, has no regrets and respects her past. Just don't get jealous of it. Don't make her remove a tattoo. We all have a past, don't we? But, it's all behind us now.

Finally, as one of my best friends brilliantly put it, "I get my tattoos for my own pleasure and I don't care what people say or what names they call me." Don't you want to be with an independent thinker, who is proud of herself and has her own opinions? You will never be bored with her and she will always let you know what is on her mind, whether good or bad. The Most Important 60 Seconds In Any Relationship


If nothing else, a tattoo is a great conversation starter under any circumstance. You don't even have to think about an unusual or hilarious pickup line. Don't be afraid. Approach that cute girl and praise her for her courage and originality. Even a tough girl's heart can melt.

Don't let the stereotypes get in your way. Take a chance, you will not regret it. Even if you two don't click on a romantic level, you might find a true and devoted friend for life.

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