What to Bring to His Place (and What Not to Leave) When You Visit


What to Bring to His Place (and What Not to Leave) When You Visit
Believe it or not you can scare a man just by what you bring to his house when you spend the night!

Another great way to not only open up lines of communication but to judge exactly where your man’s feelings are for you, is to ask him if he likes it when you spend the night. If he says yes, ask him why he likes it. If he tells you that it’s because he loves having sex with you, then perhaps that’s all the relationship will be about. If, however, he tells you that he loves being around you, loves waking up next to you, loves snuggling with you in bed, and loves spending the evenings together, then that will be a clear signal that he is really enjoying your company and not just your sex.

Just remember that you are a guest at his place until you both move in together. Never take for granted that his door will always be open to you, and definitely don’t leave a mess behind when you leave. As an example, one of our experienced Relationship Coaches has a partner of 14 years who would clean his place when she stayed the night and he was off at work. When he returned home later that evening, and she was gone but the house was tidy and neat, her thoughtfulness was a nice reminder of why he was falling in love with her.


The impressions you leave of what a future with you is going to be like will directly impact if the man of your dreams commits to you or continues looking for the woman of his dreams.


- Relationship Coaches Paul V. and Zach S.

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This article was originally published at How To Get The Man of Your Dreams . Reprinted with permission.
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