Understanding Why You are Beautiful and Still Single


Understanding Why You are Beautiful and Still Single
Stop searching for the wrong Mr. Right: Use your spirit

Okay, now let's go below the surface. Here is the deeper meaning of what God explained to me hours later about why this beautiful woman, and so many like her, are still single. Matthew 13:14-16, in the 1970s Catholic edition of "The Way: The Living Bible," says, "They hear, but don't understand; they look, but don't see!"  Although I was standing right in front of her, she was as blind as a bat, and although I was speaking directly to her she was deaf and mute. When you only let the worries of this world influence you, which God advises against in Romans 12:2, it blinds your ability to see the real and living substance in the spiritual world and within yourself. Essentially, although she could physically see, she could only see the temporal things of this world. True love, which comes from within, is only recognizable when your spiritual eyes and ears are open. She could physically hear and see, but in actuality she could hear and see very little.

Ladies, if you seek true love, the perfect man will only be discernible through your spiritual eyes and ears. Yes, you may be saying to yourself, "But I don’t want a fat man!" But being fat is a negative image the world has put into your mind. It closes your spiritual eyes and ears to the truth of love. In actuality, I know we all desire the most attractive person we can find, which is perfectly natural and okay. But what I am trying to get you to see is that true love will only be found when your spiritual eyes and ears are open. True love is not something you can see, but a feeling that comes from within. True love is not something you can buy. Money and power are not true love or even true happiness, but true control over one's spirit, caused by the love of this world over the love of God. Always remind yourself that you are a spiritual being having a human experience; you are not a human being having a spiritual experience. The spirit preceded the body (Ecclesiastes 11:5) and the very reason you, a beautiful woman, are still single is because you are allowing your body to rule over your spirit, instead of your spirit ruling over your body.


The matrix is real, and thus we unknowingly live within it, with many of us never opening our spiritual eyes and ears to truly see and hear. As a result, many beautiful women suffer and remain unnecessarily without companionship. Here is an assignment: Throw your favorite candy into a dark room, and then go find it without turning on the lights. When you allow your body to rule over your spirit, you remain single because you are trying to find the man of your dreams in a dark room without ever turning on the lights. He cannot see you and you cannot see him. The man of your dreams could be standing in front of you, but you will never see or hear him, because your true eyes and ears are closed. The good news is that it does not have to be this way. Just like Bob Marley said: "Open your eyes and look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're living?"

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