Understanding Why Men Cheat ... And How You Can Prevent It


Understanding Why Men Cheat ... And How You Can Prevent It
Get him to open up & trust you with his feelings. He will feel a sense of relief & love you forever.

The way to help prevent cheating is to open up a dialogue of trust so that your man can express his thoughts to you about his physical attraction for other women without you going el pollo loco. If he senses that you’re going to go crazy on him at even the mention of an attraction for another woman, then he is certainly not going to share those thoughts with you. This increases the chances of him developing a secret life and cheating.

People usually want to do the things they can’t do because they’re forbidden. Part of what makes the forbidden exciting to a man is that it’s an act he secretly desires to do. The key for women, strange as it may sound, is to not have fear. Expose his feelings before they develop into something forbidden. When you open up the gates and bring some of the darkness into the light, you’ll surprisingly get the opposite of what you think. Understand and embrace him. Get him to open up and trust you with his feelings. He will feel a sense of relief and love you til death do you part. Why? Because you understand him and are not afraid to listen – something that many women don’t do.


We’re not saying that Elin was in any way at fault for her situation. We’re just providing our male perspective on the problem and its possible solutions. The bottom line is that allowing us to be honest with you is key. So, what if Tiger had told Elin beforehand that he wanted to sleep with dozens of strippers?  Tease & Please: 7 Lessons You Can Learn From Strippers.

Well, the question is, would you rather know or would you rather not know? If you know, you at least have a choice. If you have a choice, you have the opportunity for problem solving as opposed to not having the opportunity because you never knew about the problem.

Many women take the wrong approach by being antagonistic. Take a different approach by creating an environment for honesty, and working to make yourself the best you can be. This is what’s going to help him become a better person. Ultimately, the man who cheats will do it until he realizes that all the sex, drama, money, and sneaking around was just not worth it. When he has a beautiful, compassionate, and understanding woman who shines above the rest, he’ll start adding up the drama versus the amazing woman you are, and even the most extreme player will have to come to the mathematical conclusion that cheating is just not worth it.


- Relationship Coach Zach S.

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