Understanding How Mr. Right Really Feels About Abortions?


Understanding How Mr. Right Really Feels About Abortions?

I must apologize for other men who still remain cold and insensitive. As I now reflect on the past, I can only imagine how strong a woman must be to have an abortion, often without the support of a man, doing it by herself, scared and alone, not being able to tell anyone because of fear and embarrassment. I am so sorry. I, along with other men, was one of those insensitive and ignorant creatures. May God forgive me for my stupidity. Ladies, please forgive me for not having the courage to say, “No, don’t do it.” The truth is I, like other men, was scared to face the financial commitment and the potential loss of education and career opportunities. I chose to value those things over life itself, right along with my parents, who supported the decision.

People, where did we make the wrong turn? When did money and opportunities become our God, more important than precious life itself? A very wealthy man once told his grandson on his dying day, “Ray, I worked my whole life for riches and it has meant absolutely nothing, I believed in things I never should have believed in.” Ray said what broke his grandfather’s heart was the death of his grandmother two months earlier. Ray said his grandpa realized that he had spent his valuable time in all the wrong places, and died two months after Grandma, heartbroken.

Many of our decisions are based on principles that are not even real, and we must remember that there is nothing more important than life itself, and the freedoms that support that life.

I cannot change the past, but I can certainly admit my mistakes, move forward and help others not to make the same ones. For the record, I no longer support abortions and will never ask a woman to do such a hideous act. I do believe each person should have a choice, but bravo to all of those brave souls who try to prevent us from walking into the clinics, sitting out there daily with their preventive signs and information. True angelic workers. Always remember, “With God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26) and “Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust him to help you do it and he will” (Psalms 37:5).

Let’s go see what some other men have to say about abortions:

I am not for abortions. If you choose to have sex with a female, you should consider the outcome before the act. It’s like taking a life. I speak from a memory of a woman I was responsible for getting pregnant. I did not ask her to get an abortion; however, the circumstances led to one. To this day, it still bothers me, because I knows the child would have slowed me down. -Paul, 28

I do not like them. I don’t like the idea of destroying life. I was young when it happened and knew I was not going to be with this particular girl long-term, so I felt it was okay at the time. But now that I am older, if I get a woman pregnant, I would not want an abortion. -Rashid, 31

As soon as the male and female living cells come together, they have now become a new living being. I certainly would not support cutting short the life of a new living being that has not yet had an opportunity to live out its cycle of life. -Rodolfo, 33

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