Understanding How Mr. Right Really Feels About Abortions?


Understanding How Mr. Right Really Feels About Abortions?

An abortion is like the biggest trick that Satan, through fear, has ever pulled on mankind. An abortion is a decision to terminate one of God’s greatest gifts. It’s a topic a lot of people have encountered but often goes untalked about.

This article is super important to me, because this happened to me not once, but twice, and the decision still haunts me to this day.


Okay, let’s take a sidebar for a moment and give you a little background on abortions and the nice lady who is responsible for bringing them to America: Ms. Margaret Sanger, who was a eugenicist and Hitler’s idol. She was also most importantly the founder of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, which is responsible for terminating more unborn babies than Hitler killed Jews in Nazi Germany. Dictionary.com defines “eugenics” as “a study of methods of improving the quality of the human race, especially by selective breeding.” “Satan mimics God” (Isaiah 14:4). Quite an interesting lady, huh? Quite frankly, in the end, she died an alcoholic and Demerol addict and went nuts, to say the least. (12 Ways to Help the Man of Your Dreams (MOYD) Get Over a  Drug or Alcohol Addiction)

Let’s continue. The following decision haunts me to this day, because I love children and cannot help but wonder what kind of personality I missed out on bringing into this world. What changes might he or she have brought about to make this world a better place? I made a bad decision because of fear, often referred to as “ false evidence appearing real,” and how true it is.

How many of us have made bad decisions based on fear, a lack of money, or because it was going to interfere with our educational or career opportunities? I made some dumb decisions at an early age that I thought were the right thing to do, but as I now look at the children I have been blessed to have, I often think, “If not for the abortion, my child would be in his or her first year of college right now.”

I made a dumb mistake, all in the name of fear, that I now do not want you to make. What we often think is the right decision at the time comes back and bites us in the ass. Although you may think that most men are cold-hearted dogs without feelings, nothing could be further from the truth for those men who love their children. For them, the regret of an abortion will inevitably set in at some point in their lives. This is usually the point when they either desire to have children or after they have had their own kids and now truly understand the joys of fatherhood.

This article was originally published at How To Get The Man of Your Dreams . Reprinted with permission.
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