Why We Love First Lady Michelle Obama


Why We Love First Lady Michelle Obama [EXPERT]
We can learn a lot about love from President Obama's main squeeze.

In the same respect, you also see the confidence in her eyes when she is being held or doing something as simple as fixing his tie. We love the fact that Mrs. Obama is not afraid to be a powerful wife and woman who is not too proud to fix her man's tie. It is one of those personal touches that only a woman can handle. Sure, the Secret Service or the president's wardrobe consultant could do it. But Michelle takes the time to notice and does it herself. Happy Birthday: Barack Obama 'Still Cute' At 50, Says Michelle

That one picture of Michelle fixing her man's tie says it all for us men. We love her faithfulness and attentiveness to her man, our president. It is these little, fine points that a woman does that add up to why we love Michelle Obama so much.


Relationship Coach Simon S.


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