The Ovulation Kit? Ingenious!


The Ovulation Kit? Ingenious!
Most men still live in the time of yore when it comes to understanding when a woman can get pregnant

Its okay to use an ovulation kit, but full disclosure of your plans is a must when using such an apparatus. Why? Because men have no clue what you are doing and will be shocked once they find out. Some, like me, may be happy initially, but if there is any confusion, or if your relationship is on shaky ground, this little nondisclosure will become a huge sore point. Little unknown facts can and will become huge issues when trust has been breached and problems arise in a relationship. In the back of his mind, he will always be wondering what you are planning. This is the beginning of the end of trust.
Now, if you are married, full disclosure came with the marriage ceremony and vows, unless you have both decided not to have children. If you are a fiancée, girlfriend or friend with benefits, (The Problem with Being His Booty Call) full disclosure is a must. Trust our advice when we say most men have neither heard of an ovulation kit nor do they know how you are using these little devices. Most men have never even heard of the (apparently very popular) ovulation programs available on the Internet. This little fact is news to us and could potentially shock the MOYD right out of his pants and right out of a relationship with you.

Ladies, in order to build a solid, trusting relationship with the MOYD,  you must be honest and upfront. No surprises. Have a meeting of the minds and full disclosure, or else you are not building trust but destroying it. It takes two to have a baby. Anything planned in secret is not good news for a relationship with two equal partners.


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This article was originally published at How To Get The Man of Your Dreams . Reprinted with permission.
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