The Ovulation Kit? Ingenious!


The Ovulation Kit? Ingenious!
Most men still live in the time of yore when it comes to understanding when a woman can get pregnant

I must say I am shocked!  I was dating this young lady and right before we were about to have sex, she says, “You know, I can get pregnant today or tomorrow, so if you have sex with me, there is a great possibility I could get pregnant.”  But, like 98 percent of the male population, we are thinking of the days of yore, when everything was pretty much a guess. I did not realize the seriousness of the statement, especially since it was right before we were going to have sex. Why did she wait for that moment to make this announcement? Anyway, not really thinking about it, we had sex, and I let the horses go. Honestly, I was okay with her getting pregnant. 

Approximately 18 days later, she took a pregnancy test and it came up positive.  I was like, great! I was happy to hear the news. But is this really possible?
Here is what I later found to be shocking.  As my newly-pregnant ex-girlfriend had a conversation with an old girlfriend (i.e., girl who is a friend) of mine, she started telling her how she had an ovulation kit and was taking her temperature. When I later found out about this, I really felt violated and set up, especially since she had just broken up with her boyfriend a month earlier. I did not know she had a whole chemistry set in her purse. I know what you’re thinking: “I should not have let the horses go in her if I were not sure about her.” I agree.  But her being pregnant is not really the problem. 


The problem is the calculations that went on without me on those little innocuous trips to the bathroom. Her innocent disclosure in the heat of the moment was not really innocent at all. It’s kind of indirectly cheating and scary at the same time, that this woman would plan and plot without me.

Her disclosure was not innocent because she calculated when she could get pregnant down to the day, hour and minute. If men really knew the severity of that little statement, that there is a 100 percent chance she could get pregnant on that day, we would certainly give it much more thought before we took that step and let the rocket launch.
It really starts making a man question the woman’s true objective. Don’t let her start asking for money the next day, on top of everything else. OMG! Run! Ladies, it really makes the potential man of your dreams (MOYD) and/or future baby daddy think twice about you.

This article was originally published at How To Get The Man of Your Dreams . Reprinted with permission.
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