Why Kristen Stewart Cheated On Robert Pattinson


Why Kristen Stewart Cheated On Robert Pattinson [EXPERT]
What would cause a woman would cheat on the man of her dreams? Find out!

What would make a woman cheat on the man of her dreams? Obviously, something was missing in Kristen Stewart's relationship with Robert Pattinson. The question is: what?

Rob seemed like the perfect vampire to me ... and she cheated on him with a married man! I believe this is truly a case of a purely magnetic attraction. Sometimes you meet a person and you are just instantly attracted to him. If the variables are right, you have an explosive situation. Perhaps they were even lovers before, in another lifetime.

We really feel Pattinson's pain. When you think you have the perfect relationship, being cheated on is hard to deal with and makes no sense. We also feel Kristen Stewart's pain and the sincerity of her apology, because we are sure her behavior made no sense in her mind, after she thought about it.

It's ironic that her desire to be a vampire in the movies, alongside Rob, was perhaps unknowingly related to memories locked within her soul, and a desire to be with someone else. Can Your Relationship Survive After Cheating?

Lust at first sight. Only time will tell if Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart double back and end up with each other. It really depends on how serious that first night was. Was it so passionate that it's embedded in her memory? Was the passion so intense that it will remain a bad dream that haunts her, only to be satisfied by the thirst for blood or more passion?

Then, the next question is, what could have been missing in this perfect relationship? Cheating is an act of passion and lust all at the same time. So, if a woman decides to cheat, it can perhaps be interpreted as a lack of passion in her current relationship.

If your man is giving you the love and attention you need, I don't care how good-looking another man is. A woman, nine times out of ten, will not be looking to break the bond that she has with the man of her dreams. 3 Mistakes Women Make When They Suspect Cheating

A woman can love a man till death, but if that physical passion combined with mental stimulation, is missing, then she may unknowingly feel unfulfilled until she meets another man who has the passion she never knew she needed.

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