If Anybody Deserved To Have Sex, Jesus Did


If Anybody Deserved To Have Sex, Jesus Did

How can a man come to save this world and not experience a woman? Women should have been throwing themselves at Jesus on general principle. Here you have a man full of love, but you want to sleep with Barabbas?  All right, I know what you’re thinking: An orgasm with Jesus would have been too much too handle. I can still hear you screaming.

How many women today are having spiritual sex with Jesus? You might as well stop hiding the dildo, drop the panties and be honest with yourself. Don’t tell me the pastors and deacons are taking up the slack until Jesus’ return. Ooh-wee, it's getting steamy up in here!

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Jesus would have had a woman from every walk of life, because love does not discriminate. Come one, come all. And what's wrong with that? Isn't sex about love? So long as I'm acting in the spirit of love, what's the problem? Sex allows a man to know things about a woman that she can't even tell him about herself. New discoveries are being made every day. In fact, you are  learning things about yourself you didn’t even know. "You put all of that in me? Wow. Oh, holy crap, all of that was inside my body?!" You look so surprised! It's your vagina, but I guess you didn't realize it, because I got to know it just a little bit better than you. It's like a friend teaching you how to use features on your cell phone that you did not even know existed.  Your iPhone can do things you never even knew about until your friend Bubba showed you.

Love sees no color, only your spirit. So why did none of the women on this planet have sex with Jesus when he was here? That makes absolutely no sense. All of that hard work he was putting in to save the world; he even gave his life, and you’re going to tell me that not one woman found him attractive enough to make an offer? None pleaded with him to take some time off and allow himself to experience heaven on earth?  “Come on, Jesus, I am waiting for you!”  I do not believe there is anything more beautiful than being between the legs of a beautiful woman. I'm sorry; Jesus getting none makes no sense to me.

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If I were Jesus, I would've been putting in work behind the scenes during my off-hours, like John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Bill Clinton, Michael Jordan and Jesse Jackson, not to mention the likes of Obamacare. Why not? How can you come to properly save the world without getting some pussy? I'm sorry, but a world without vajajay is not a world worth saving.

Think about it. If you couldn't get dick, would life be worth the struggles you go through on a daily basis? Driving through Los Angeles traffic to get home to feed the cat? I don’t think so, honey. How can you be the savior of the world without experiencing a woman? How could you be Superman without experiencing a woman? You might be super-horny, squirting super sperm everywhere because you are over your holding capacity. Even a volcano has to erupt at some point. Eruptions give way to new life and new births. It is necessary for the survival of the human race.

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