How Do You Know If You Have The Bomb-Dot-com Vajajay?


How Do You Know If You Have The Bomb-Dot-com Vajajay?

Michael, 50-plus years on the planet, says “WOW! I would have to go back to the first girl I fell in love with. She had that heroin-addictive vajajay. Why? This girl took pride in her looks, and, with that being said, also her body, including its odors. Her vajajay tasted like strawberries; not artificial, but real strawberries. So when we had sex, my penis smelled like strawberries, too. Then, she knew how to give oral pleasure, flexible, excellent foreplay and last but not least the sex was amazing. When I and my penis got tired, she put that oomph into it to make the penis do what she wanted. No lie. So that’s my recipe for a great vajajay!”

Okay, back to me. I have one more story as we wrap this article up. I met this beautiful lady and we had sexual relations, but when she had an orgasm, she would shake so hard that I would literally be trying to hold onto her, like I was on an amusement-park ride. It was amazing; it was like her body turned into a human vibrator. All I can say is, wow, she had some snapper vajajay.


What does all of this mean? Simply, that if you find yourself lacking in this very important area, use other compensating factors to make up for it. It’s not all over for you. Knowing a deficiency and perhaps being able to discuss it with your man could bring a level of comfort in your relationship that might bring you two closer together. And with that, you might be able to bring about some positive solutions in the intimacy department. There is something about a humble woman that is super-sexy.


This article was originally published at How To Get The Man of Your Dreams . Reprinted with permission.
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