How Do You Know If You Have The Bomb-Dot-com Vajajay?


How Do You Know If You Have The Bomb-Dot-com Vajajay?

Would you like to know what made her vajajay so good? It was blazing hot. It was the perfect mixture of heat and moisture, kind of like a combustion chamber, and every time I stuck my penis in her, it literally exploded, less than 10 strokes and a maximum of 120 seconds later, from the heat of her vagina. I guess that’s where the verbiage “hot chick” comes from. I have met very few women in my life who have had this kind of pussy power. It is an unusual blend of a very high vagina temperature, moistness and softness, and it was impossible to defend against such an attack.  It was amazingly good, and let me just say she was from the Islands. She qualified for the snapper pussy, because my sexual experience with her was so unique and unforgettable. There are other stories I can tell you, but let’s go see what international players have to say.

What’s also very interesting is that some men that you would expect to know and have great answers actually are at a loss for words on this question. But some attentive minds are able to translate their feelings, and here is what they had to say:


Rashad, 36 years on the planet: “Two women stand out because of the softness of the hair around their vaginas, wetness, temperature and warmth, and the fact that they were tight. All of these things together added up to me wanting to go back again and again like an addict. What also made it good was the level of passion, and their ability to just be comfortable with me. In addition, you know it’s the bomb dot com when you can get it up right away for round two, three, four, etc.”

Big Ben, 46 years on the planet: “A few things come to mind: Physical appearance of the vagina, small clitoris, wet, no smell and certain women’s vaginas massage your dick.”  (Why Men Love Hot Vagina Juice in the Summer)

James, 55 years on the planet: “How it physically fits. It has to fit like a baseball glove. If a woman can make you cum three or four times in the same evening, you know you have the bomb vagina. Also, when your man says he is ready to get married right now because it was so good, then you know you have the bomb-dot-com vagina.”

Dre, 34 years on the planet: “Women must have the big three: tightness, wetness and enthusiasm.”

Leland, 55 years on the planet, says if it’s not tight, then it’s not right!

Big John, 33, was seeing a woman from Down Under: Australia. He said what made her vagina so great is that when she had an orgasm, she would squirt like a gusher. It was like she was peeing. Freaky.

Deon, 43 years on the planet, says that if five men tell you the same thing, then you have the bomb-dot-com vagina. “I slept with this girl and that girl, but you have the bomb vagina.” This verifies it. Also, the key factors: hot, wet and experienced.

Big Mike, 45 years on the planet: “It was warm and cozy and it fit. It was not too muscular. Some pride themselves on grabbing the penis, when it is not necessary.”

Tim, 44 years on the planet: “Let’s just say that the woman was always very wet and we would do multiple positions.”

This article was originally published at How To Get The Man of Your Dreams . Reprinted with permission.
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