How Do You Know If You Have The Bomb-Dot-com Vajajay?


How Do You Know If You Have The Bomb-Dot-com Vajajay?

If a man keeps coming back for more, blowing up your phone is overly excessive. You might have some snapper vajajay or simply a man that is just a crazy stalker.  (Why Do I Always Attract Crazy Men?) However, if every man you sleep with is acting the same way, you might just have some snapper vajajay. I hate to use the word “vajajay,” but “vagina” just does not have the same expression of emotion behind it. But this is the sex category, so put on your big-girl panties and let’s go.

Is the old saying, “The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice” a true statement concerning women’s vaginas? Wouldn’t all inquiring minds like to know what types of women have the absolute hands-down best vajajay on planet earth? Is it the super-sexy Brazilian, the European/white American, German, Russian, Latino, African-American, Asian or another? Okay, I will answer that later to save the controversy.

First, let me get this party started by telling you about the best vajajay I ever had and why it was so good. This beautiful, unsuspecting woman and I met, in fact I was introduced to her, through her brother. Shortly thereafter, we took a liking to each other, and she eventually came over. The moment we had sex only lasted about 30 seconds. Maybe five strokes later, it was a wrap. I could not hold it; out came the rushing waters! I could not believe my non-performance. Yes, it happens to the best of us. I was blown away and embarrassed because it was so good. I wanted more, and I wanted redemption and to make sure she was satisfied, or else I knew she might not come back. I needed to make a good impression.

So I came up with a plan. Okay, I would invite her over for round two, but sleep with another girl before I slept with her, because I do not jack off. (What To Do If You Have Occasional Great Sex, But Your Man Can Only Ejaculate While Watching Porn Videos?) I know, don’t tell me: “That’s messed up.” But aren’t we being honest here? (Why Men Climax So Fast During Sex?) If everything went according to plan, when she came over next time, I would be ready. She came over later that day, and of course I was all cleaned up and ready to go. We started having sex, and about 120 seconds later, out came the rushing waters. I was like, “No way; impossible.” It was unbelievable. I was distraught and apologetic, to say the least. I could not believe the same exact thing had happened twice in a row with the same woman.

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