How Do You Know If You Have The Bomb-Dot-com Vajajay?


How Do You Know If You Have The Bomb-Dot-com Vajajay?

Has a man ever told you that your vajajay is the bomb or that you have some snapper vajajay? Some of you might say, “What is snapper vajajay?” The snapper vajajay is that vajajay that, upon entry, keeps a man coming back. He can be a preacher, pastor, deacon, mayor or president. It matters not. All are defenseless against the bomb-dot-com vajajay.

Well, you might also be wondering how you would know if the man you just slept with is being honest or not. So before we get started, I asked a few of you: “How do you know if you have the bomb-dot-com vagina?” And here is what you had to say:


1. If the man is stalking you.

2. Andrea, 35-plus years on the planet, says that by listening to the stories her girlfriends have shared, she can tell they do not have the bomb-dot-com vagina.

3. Vanessa, 40-plus years on the planet, says that her own experience has been that the guy has told her how it feels: wet, moist, hot and wraps around him. Deep is good, but not too deep, and when he’s struggling to not cum but doesn’t want to come out. “Also, I’ve always thought that when guys curse who usually don’t, that’s a sign you have some good stuff. Or orally, when a guy continues to stay there and then won’t leave,  even after you have the big O. They pull you closer, I’m assuming because they like the way you taste! But I’m just guessing and pulling from my own experiences.”

4. Julie, 34 years on the planet, after some deep thought, says, “If he has that one orgasm and goes crazy behind it.”

5. Danni, 33 years on the planet, says it would depend on feedback from her man, and possibly listening to “girl talk” and what her sisters in her circle are sharing about what they do for “performance development.”

If I can be so bold: It’s about how he feels, your creativity, rhythm, connection and learning how to keep your vajayjay healthy and strong. So, ladies, there is clearly a difference between having the bomb-dot-com vajajay and not.

What’s funny is that many women, when asked this question, really do not know if they have the snapper vajajay, and some men draw a blank as well. It amazes me that some cannot remember or never really had any one experience that they could say was the bomb dot com. Ladies, as a general rule, if the man cannot remember it, then it was not the snapper vajajay. Now, would you like to know some of those secrets that men will likely never share with you? Is that a yes? Okay, let’s go find out: How would you really know you have the bomb-dot-com vagina?

I have some very interesting stories, and some of them just might be about you! Stay tuned. How do you know you have some bomb-dot-com vajajay?

This article was originally published at How To Get The Man of Your Dreams . Reprinted with permission.
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