Chad Ochocinco Vs. Evelyn Lozada Round 1


Chad Ochocinco Vs. Evelyn Lozada Round 1
Should head butting your wife be a reason to get fired from your job?

Promiscuous women will ruin your wife. It is the equivalent of sticking one bad apple in a barrel. It will ruin the entire bunch. When Evelyn found the condom receipt in the car, she knew Chad was having sex with someone else.

The promiscuous woman's motive is to plant seeds of doubt and insecurity. In order to eventually break up the relationship and get the wife out of the picture, so that she can have a clear path to the throne. Better yet, so that the wife can be a miserable, just like her. The wife can be naive and listen to the promiscuous woman if she wants, but she does not have the wife's best interest in mind.


So, Chad lost his contract and reality show. He is now unemployed, all because of some condoms and a headbutt. We all know that sex with a woman, other than your wife is not worth that. Looking back on it, I am sure that both of them realize they could have used a different method to handle their differences. It was certainly not worth what they lost. We are sure that Evelyn feels the outcome was not worth approaching the situation the way she did. Chad must feel the outcome was not worth the response he gave his wife.

We are all learning about this thing called relationships. None of us are born experts. We are all going to make mistakes. Arguments, unfortunately, are a part of relationships. But these days, you have more and more clashes because women feel that they are as strong as men and no longer want to take a back seat to their husbands.

As men, we think in term of positions. "Hey baby, I am the quarterback and you are my wide receiver." If the wide receiver is arguing with the quarterback, what do you think the chances of them winning the game are? If the wide receiver is trying to play the quarterback position, how many games do you think they are going to win with this role confusion? 

I believe that violent conflicts, especially among celebrities, are due to the ever growing strength of women and the fact that roles are being reversed and confused. You cannot have your cake and eat it, too. Either you are the wife, who is traditionally the helpmate, or you are the man, who is traditionally the head of the household. The Most Important 60 Seconds In Any Relationship

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