5 Ways All Men Want To Be Touched


5 Ways All Men Want To Be Touched [EXPERT]
Do you know how to touch your man?

Kisses and hugs are free, but are sure to set the tone for the day and for your relationship. Oh, so you don't believe us? Try it for 30 days, and we guarantee it will bring you and your mate closer together and happier. Look at each hug and kiss like a bank deposit into your relationship savings account; each hug and kiss will be stored in the MOYD's internal memory bank. It will also show him that you are thinking about him first, even before your favorite pot of morning coffee.

It's amazing that this one act costs you nothing, yet so many women and men fail to do it. Practicing this one act every morning will greatly improve your relationship.  If you are not doing this, start now. It's free and can only be given from your heart.  This is what makes it so special. How He Knows She's 'The One'

Practicing giving a hug and a kiss daily will not only help you keep the MOYD, but it will help you constantly attract positive people. The energy you put out leaves a blueprint that you can't see but remains present at all times. So practice, practice, practice and remember the old saying: "A hug and kiss a day will keep the relationship doctor away." 10 Ways To Make Your Fairy Tale Dream Come True

2. Massage. A woman shows she has no clue how to touch a man when she massages one side of his body and leaves the other alone. What? Who does that? We know you may be a little guilty, but don't be embarrassed. We are here to help you fix the problem before it's too late.

Knowing how to properly touch a man is a reflection of your past experiences or lack thereof. If you went and paid for a massage, and they only did one half of your body, you would probably never return to that massage parlor, and leave feeling very unbalanced. A woman who unknowingly massages only half of the MOYD will leave him feeling the same way: irritated. He will be screaming inside, "What about the other side of my body, and why doesn't she know how to do this?"

You'd better believe that Becky down the street knows this most sought-after skill. So you may have the great career, but Becky has the skills of touch. She is good because she has a lot of practice and you do not. Always remember the objective of any relationship is to have balance.

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