5 Big Steps To Overcoming Jealousy in Your Relationship


5 Big Steps To Overcoming Jealousy in Your Relationship
Jealousy has always been the ugliest trait, especially in relationships.

What is even more important to realize is that when you focus on a thought long enough (in this instance, 68 seconds) it is scientifically proven to create a neural pathway in your brain. It then becomes a dominating thought in your mind, and if you continue to focus on that same thought for 21 days, it will form a habit—in this case, a bad habit. Keep reading...

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The 5 Big Steps for Overcoming Jealousy

1. Realize that jealousy in general is an unattractive trait and emotion. Jealousy eventually repels men instead of attracting them.

2. Understand that no man, woman or thing—not even you!—can take away anyone or anything from your presence if it is a possession that God has allowed to be in your life. So do not worry about things you cannot control or change.

3. Know that no matter what you think and feel about another person, you can never change or control how he thinks and feels about you by forcing your will on him. The only way to truly effect the change you desire in your mate is by being an example of that change. For example,  if you are not interested in dating a jealous man, then it certainly will not help you get your point across if you have those same jealousy issues. As the Bible states in Matthew 7:3-5, "Why worry about the speck in the eye of a brother when you have a board in your own?"

4. Give your best and expect the best outcome. Then, if the relationship fails, you know within your heart, mind, body and soul that there is nothing else humanly possible you could have done, leaving no regrets. Also realize that even when you give your best, sometimes relationships run their course, and accept that as a simple fact of life.

5. Admire other women as opposed to being jealous. Look at her and appreciate what makes her special, then find that gift within yourself, the one God gave, special only to you. Once you identify this gem, develop it so that others can appreciate and admire you (1 Corinthians 12:8-11).

This article was originally published at How To Get The Man of Your Dreams . Reprinted with permission.
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