18 Things To Say (and NOT to Say) if Your Man is in Jail


18 Things To Say (and NOT to Say) if Your Man is in Jail
In remembrance of our men and women behind bars (Hebrews 13:3, Matthew 7:12)

9. “I put money on the phone and on your books.” A man in jail is helpless without your assistance. When you have nothing, a quarter is worth $1 and $5 is worth $10. Putting money on his books so that he can buy some coffee, soup or even soap is a tremendous help. Putting money on the phone, or accepting a phone call and just allowing your man to speak to someone he loves, is tremendous when he is in hell. This is the time you can really show the MOYD that you are the Woman of his Dreams. (Understanding Are You “Wifey” Material?)
10. “I am praying for you.” Calling on God or Yahweh is the greatest compliment you can give a man who believes in God. It is your petition to God that will bring him through this trial. This is how God tests your faith as well (Psalms 27).
11. “I have everything under control and the kids are okay.” A good father and provider will be concerned about your and the kids’ well-being, and for him to hear that you have everything under control is a big relief.
12. “The kids miss you.” Hearing that the kids miss him makes him feel like he did something right in his life.
13. “Baby, I sent you some photos of me and the children.” Once again, your participation makes him feel like you are standing strong with him and reinforces that he did choose the right woman (Proverbs 31).
14. “Things are tough but I know God will provide.” This reassures him that your faith and trust in God, although faced with adversity, is solid.
15. “I show your picture to our baby/ies everyday.” It is a simple gesture that shows the MOYD how much you love him. What an honor!
16. “I know God has something positive for us to learn from this experience. God would not give us a burden too heavy to bear.” This positive affirmation reinforces your faith that God has already worked out a positive solution.
17. “Baby, I sent you a letter.” Your man in jail loves to receive correspondence and photos from you. It shows that you are thinking about him and matches your actions with your words.
18. “Baby, I cannot wait till you get home.” Self-explanatory.
Now that I have given you a little insight into the mind of your man in jail, the next time he calls, lift his spirits up to the sky and watch your love and appreciation for each other grow.


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