14 Reasons Why You're Still Single

14 Reasons Why You're Still Single

14 Reasons Why You're Still Single

14 Reasons Why You're Still Single [EXPERT]
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10. You're jaded. Whether you've been hurt or taken advantage of before, it's yesterday's baggage. It has no place in the present.

When you put up your walls, we cannot see you and will lose interest quickly. Courage and confidence are sexy to every gender. When we have to watch out for things that may scare you or bring up bad memories, it sucks away energy we would put in to seducing and enjoying you.

The past is finished. Whatever happened is not happening now or anymore. If you are suffering from it, it is because you keep reaching back to the past to reflect on it. Let it go. It is over. Having Relationship Trouble? Weigh The Pros & Cons

The same goes with women who are bitter. Holding on to the bad things that have happened to you make you bitter, always, and you carry that taste with you when you meet men. Let go, forgive, forget or whatever helps you claim back your happiness and power. When part of you stays or continuously revisits the past, you are splintered and we can only experience part of your beauty in the present moment.

11. You can't accept compliments or kind gestures. Rejecting a compliment can be humble, only to a point. When it continues, you are essentially rejecting a man's attempt at loving you. We want to tell you and show you that we think you are beautiful. Whether or not you agree with the delivery is a separate matter. Can you accept it with grace and appreciation? How To Recognize (and take) a Compliment

12. Desperation is dripping off of you. It is an energy frequency that repels everyone, men and women alike. Desperation is the fullest expression of fear.

Get out of your head and be in the moment. Enjoy what is happening and do not attach to any outcome. Desperation is a state of mind that takes you over and drives you repeatedly to singleville.

13. You can't be by yourself. Men are turned off by the woman who always has to have company and can't be by herself. If a man is calling you and you're in the company of another man every time, he'll feel unneeded and wonder why he should even bother with someone who's always so occupied.

14. You don't actually want a relationship. Whether you admit it or not, you may actually be single because you want to be. You may enjoy going out with girlfriends and playing the field. You may not want the attachment of a serious partner or you may just not be very good at commitment. In any case, some women who are single really just want to be single; some want to be single subconsciously.

If you're asking "why am I single" but then not returning the calls of men who are interested or if you're going out for drinks every weekend, these are behavioral signs that you really, at core, don't want to be tied down. Sometimes being single is just what you want.

Whatever is keeping you single has very little to do with anything outside of yourself. Your perceptions about men, yourself, the meaning you put into the little things, your beliefs are all most likely in need of an overhaul. We are all energetic, vibrating beings. Confidence, fun, depression, bitterness – they all vibrate at specific frequencies. What are you vibrating during most of your life?

The good news is that vibrations, perceptions and beliefs can always be changed and we're here to help you. Talk to a Relationship Coach today, and begin removing the labels you've put over your beautiful self that are clouding you.

—Relationship Coaches Ben L., Alex K., and Zach S.


This article was originally published at How To Get The Man of Your Dreams . Reprinted with permission from the author.
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