14 Reasons Why You're Still Single


14 Reasons Why You're Still Single [EXPERT]
Wanna know why you haven't met the man of your dreams? Find out now!

4. You're not listening. This goes for both men and women. Most of us are very bad at listening.

To listen is to devote your complete attention on the other person. If your attention is divided between what they're saying and what you want to say next or how you want to respond, you will not receive everything he is saying.


Listening is not about hearing, it's about receiving. Information from the other person is coming at you in several forms. Spoken word is only a fraction of it.

Pay attention to their body language, their tonality, eye contact, their energy, euphemisms, sarcasm and the things they don’t say. There is too much being sent to you for you to not be fully attentive.

5. You could be in the wrong location. Sometimes, you may be in a city or town and you just don't click with the men you're surrounded by. Maybe you're in a rural town and you like city guys or maybe you're in a city but prefer a cowboy. In any case, you probably won't be able to connect if you don't have things in common.

If you think that you're not getting along with the guys in your area, seek out a different area – go to different hang outs, different scenes and explore. You may find that you're more attracted to the type that goes to a lounge than goes to a bar.

6. You don't take care of yourself. Believe it or not, men care about this. Not in the ways you think (we're really not caring what brand your shoes are) but we do care if you take care of yourself. This includes things like wearing nice clothes, doing your hair, makeup, exercising and even what you eat.

Now, you don't need to go overboard and this shouldn't be a determining factor in a relationship. But if you're wearing a sweatshirt and jeans without any makeup and your friends are doing a little something to make themselves appealing, most men's eyes are going to go for those girls first.

It's not that you aren't appealing but by the time he gets to you, he's already taken by the girl who put in a little extra effort. Also, things like staying in shape are important. A healthy body is connected to a healthy mind. Again, don't go overboard — extra fat isn't going to kill you. But making sure that you don't have five layers of fat will also help. What Tattoos Really Say About A Woman

This article was originally published at How To Get The Man of Your Dreams . Reprinted with permission.
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