14 Reasons Why You're Still Single

14 Reasons Why You're Still Single [EXPERT]
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Wanna know why you haven't met the man of your dreams? Find out now!

We lead people how to see us. If you take very little care and interest in yourself, we will follow suit. Yes, men are attracted to physical beauty, so are women; we are all visual creatures. If your perception and opinion for mens' love for the visual and physical is a negative one, then you're only seeing part of the picture.

How you present yourself to the world reflects the level of care you put into yourself. Do you take care of your body? Do you have healthy eating habits overall, or do you eat crap that increases the chances of having health problems in the future? Do you celebrate your face, or do you resent it?

However nature and genetics have designed you, you are beautiful but only if you choose to believe so. If you don't like what nature has given you, there is a large degree to which you can decorate your machine. Your body and your face are your canvas. Be its master, not its slave. Be kind and encouraging to it, rather than cruel and full of disdain. Get personalized Virtual Coaching with our panel of expert Relationship Coaches.

7. You're hung up on an ex. Whether you're still seeing him or still dreaming about him, the ex is getting in the way and leaving you with nothing but an empty bed. Sometimes the thoughts of an ex will keep you from investing in another man.

The ex will make you see other men as just a passing phase on the way back into the ex's arms. Other times, the men you're dating will catch wind that you're still in love with your ex. If this is the case, many men will split before they get attached and subsequently hurt when you and the ex rekindle the spark (even if it's just for the night).

8. You're being judgmental and insecure. Most men do not care to be around women who are full of judgments about people and life. It's negative, saps out the fun and motivates us to be on guard with what we say and how we act. The end result: we don't feel free when we're with you.

Hating on other women only reveals your insecurity and weakness of character. People say men are visual, and we are, but we are also discerning when it comes to character.

9. You give everything up too easily. When you're a teenager, you think the easiest way to get a man to stick around is to sleep with him. When you get a little older, you realize that isn't necessarily the best way.

If you sleep with a man the first time you meet him, there's a good chance he may not call for a second date. Why? He may feel that he has gotten everything from you that's worth getting. By not giving him more than a kiss the first night you meet him, he will be encouraged to continue the pursuit.

Also, when he finds it's that easy to be with you sexually, he'll quickly start to wonder how many other men found it to be just as easy. He will be disinclined to start dating, thinking that you may find another guy to hook up with. When To Have Sex With The Man You're Dating

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