10 Tips To Keep Your Relationship Out Of The Tolerance Zone


10 Tips To Keep Your Relationship Out Of The Tolerance Zone
10 Tips To Keep Your Relationship Out Of The Tolerance Zone

The problem is that women fail to understand the naturally inquisitive minds of men in a world that has become filled with more and more attractive human beings. Where did all of these beautiful people suddenly come from? Or were they already here but hiding behind less-revealing clothing? Or maybe people are just more health-and-fitness-conscious? Even white girls now have booties they did not have 25 years ago. What happened? Whatever the case may be, it takes a lot of willpower on a man's part to continue to see the beautiful woman he is now with and was first attracted to (look at the Affidavit and Confession of a International Player link for more insight). 

I must honestly say that after being with a woman for a while, it is really a reach to remember how physically beautiful she was when you first met her, especially if she is getting on your nerves. The point where a woman starts getting on a man's nerves is the point where even the most beautiful woman's exterior will not be able to save the relationship. He will just want her to vanish.


When a woman starts getting on a man's nerves, the illusion of outer beauty fails quickly, and if the problem is not attended to and corrected immediately, it will fester and burn a neurological pathway in his mind. He will begin to see her as the problem as opposed to the solution. I believe this problem, and the divorce rate, has increased greatly with women's newfound independence, because they create a mindset of women as competitors to men, instead of helpmates as God intended (Genesis 3:16). If heterosexual men wanted to be with other men, they might as well be gay. So, why would they want to date a woman who acts and speaks with the mindset of a man? (Should Women Be Barefoot, Pregnant, and in the Kitchen?)

The numerous beautiful single women everywhere will require work on your part to keep your man excited about you. Think of it like advertising and ask yourself: Why do so many well-known companies, such as Coke, Pepsi and McDonalds, advertise constantly, when everybody in the world already knows their name? They understand the natural law of rhythm: Everything flows out and in, and everything rises and falls. As a result, they constantly spend millions on advertising and the creation of new products to keep themselves fresh and current in people's minds, and to prevent the eventual fall.

Let's face it—if you have not figured it out yet, your relationship with the MOYD is like a mini-corporation that, unfortunately, you must constantly advertise to keep your market share high. It may be disgusting to you, but it is reality and an investment that will help your relationship out of the Tolerance Zone.

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This article was originally published at How To Get The Man of Your Dreams . Reprinted with permission.
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