How To Talk About Money Without Getting Upset

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YourTango Experts’ 7 tips for reducing stress and fighting when talking money in a relationship.

Tip # 6: If you are unable to come to terms together, don't argue about it, but rather recognize that this is the time to hire a professional who can help you create a meaningful plan that is beneficial to both of you.

Tip #7: Reflect on a money discussion after you have it, name your successes and look for places to improve the next time.

It may seem like money makes the world go round, but love springs eternal. Remember that, and the person you love when the subject of money comes up. By treating this topic as an opportunity to share more of who you are with your partner and owning your opinions and emotions, you have a greater chance of being understood and becoming closer. 5 Sexy Ways To Spend Your Tax Return As A Couple

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