How To Plan A Tantrum-Free Family Vacation

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5 creative tips to keep your sanity, travel with your children, and have fun.

Research suggests taking a deep breath allows you to increase the flow of oxygen to your brain, whereby you'll approach the situation from a calm and rational place, rather than reactive response. Take a breath, let your child know you understand how they feel, and then calmly talk with your child.

4. Take a break. Sometimes there is just so much that your child can experience in one day before they become overwhelmed. Create some downtime each day where they can just play in the pool or chill with their tunes. Be realistic for the developmental age of your child, and just how much activity is too much, and you will minimize exhaustion tantrums.


5. Finally, plan for a little much-needed alone time with your partner. If your children are younger, opt for an all-inclusive resort that offers reputable, trained childcare services, such as Franklyn D. Resort & Spa in Jamaica. The resort has a vacation nanny service, and guests are assigned a specially trained nanny who serves as a personal vacation assistant for the duration of the vacation.

Another route is to hire a babysitter for an afternoon or evening. By doing this, you will model to your children the importance of taking care of your relationship. Ask the concierge of your hotel about the babysitting services the hotel provides or recommends, or you can google babysitting agencies such as and Make sure that the sitters are screened for background checks, and that they are CPR and First Aid certified, then take some time to dance the night away. Also, book adjoining rooms for older children to allow for some alone adult fun time too. 5 Tips For Having Sex During A Family Vacation

Vacations can be fun-filled for the whole family, they just take a little planning and then you too can have a tantrum-free excursion with the ones you love.

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