How To Plan A Successful Staycation

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Reap the benefits of traveling with your spouse or family without leaving home.


Take on extra "chores" in the hopes of getting them off your to-do list
If your idea of a staycation is working around the house finishing projects, then all you are doing is creating a long busy week for yourself. Household projects can be just as stressful as our jobs. If you are tied to finishing off the projects, then take the first few days off, relax and enjoy at least part of the time you have. 5 Ways A Family Can Survive Holiday Travel


Assume that you'll relax simply because you're at home
A staycation without a plan is a disaster waiting to happen. It's OK to have some unplanned time, but like a regular vacation, you need excursions and different activities to really feed your senses and help you feel like the time is special.

Wait for your partner to plan things for you
Like all things in relationship, communication is key. Talk about what you want to do, who is responsible for planning, executing and paying. If you each share in the responsibility of making your staycation a fun event you're much more likely to succeed.

Forget about your backup plans
Just like a real vacation, you need "travel insurance" to make sure that if plans go haywire (i.e. it rains the day you're headed to the beach) that you have a back up in place to ensure that the vacation's not ruined. When you're staying at home, the temptation to throw in the proverbial towel and fall back into your routine will be high. Guard against this temptation by having back-up plans at your disposal if, and when, you need them.

At the end of the day, the best part of this homebound journey is you won't need a vacation from your vacation and there's a lot of satisfaction in that. So if you are short on vacation funds or don't have the ability to leave town, think outside the box. Regardless of how you spend your time, the most important element is to have time off. Have a story about your staycation? Any tips we missed? We'd love to hear them. Tell us about in the comments below. 5 Tips For Having Sex During A Family Vacation

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